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How will a fleet admin register company? How would I register as an individual user?

User won’t have the option to register as company. All registration (company & individual) will be the same in the new release.

Following are the steps:


  1. In the Login page, user can click on the ‘Create Cummins Username’ button for registration.
  2. User will be lead to the below registration site, they will need to fill in the fields and click on continue.
  3. In the next screen, the entered address will be validated by EDQ (address cleansing system), user need to select the Cleansed Address and click on register to complete the registration.   

  4. After user submit the registration form, user will receive the Email and approval workflow will be triggered. If request is approved, user will receive 2 notifications, one for the user account details and the other for the specific application access that is given to the user.



If the request is rejected, user will receive a notification with the justification.


Who can register for IAM?

Individual, SIR, fleet admins, external dealers.

What role would I get after successful registration?

You will have the default role for the application you registered for. For any further roles/access, please contact distributor admin.

Do I need to register again for different applications access?

No, please reach to your business admin to grant you the access.

What is "Business Name" in individual account type?

There won’t be any account type filed in the new release.

What are the next steps after 'Registration'?

Once your account is approved, you will receive an Email with your credentials.

Why is my username existing in Salesforce?

You might have signed up for another Salesforce app before.

What needs to be done in case of an incorrect address that is typed in?

Please contact your dealer/distributor if you have submitted the wrong address

What if I don’t know what my Primary Market Segment is?

Please contact your dealer/distributor


How would a distributor technician get mapped in sales force after successful registration?

The mapping will be done based on the registration form.

As a user or distributor how can I register?

In login page, user can click on the link to register.

What is "Primary Market Segment" field?

Market or application area in which your company does most of its business e.g. Agriculture, Construction.

How can I edit my Primary Market Segment after registration?

Please contact your dealer/distributor

Both Individual & Bus

Why is my username existing in Salesforce?

Address Cleansing

How does the Address Cleansing work?

This can help us ensure the address we’re about to store in system is valid. 

Forgot Username

How to retrieve forgotten username?

You will need to contact Cummins helpdesk or raise a remedy ticket to IAM group to retrieve username.

What email address should I use? I forgot my username and being asked to enter my email address.

The Email address you used during user registration.

How do I seek my userid? I have multiple ids associated with my email address.

You will need to contact Cummins helpdesk or raise a remedy ticket to IAM group to retrieve username(userid).

How many Login attempts I have before my accounts gets locked?

You have 3 attempts.

What should I do if I am unable to login?

Please contact distribute/admin to reset your password.

How do I logout of the application?

You can click on the logout button to log out.

Password Management

How can I retrieve my password?

If you forget your password you will need to reset it. To reset password, click on 'Forgot Your Password?' link in the login page, and use your user name to set new password. An Email will be sent to you with a link to finish resetting your password.

You can also reach to your distribute or admin to change your password

Why haven't I received an email for password reset?

If you cannot find the Email, try checking your spam folder. If you still can’t log in, use 'Forgot your password?' link in login screen to resend the email. You can also contact your distribute/admin for password reset.

Do I need to enter my username and password if already signed in via mobile or vice-versa?


What is the required password length and format?

Minimum 8 characters, and it has to contain at least 1 capital letter, 1 numeric character, and 1 special character.

How do I set my challenge questions and answers?

In the first password reset user will be required to fill in the challenge questions.

What should I do if I forgot my challenge answer(s)?

Please contact distribute/admin.

What are the minimum requirements for setting my username?

Please follow the format as in:  [email protected]

Password Expiration

Is there a password expiration?

60 days

How will I be notified if my password is about to expire?

No reminder is set up for now, we will update once we have it.

What to do if I have not receive any notification for my password expiration?

No reminder is set up for now, we will update once we have it.


Who has access to the Business Admin Portal?

Primary contact of External dealer, and small business owner.

User Management

What to do, if I cannot login to the application screen even after the access is granted?

Please contact your dealer/distributor.

How I can register my company?

In login page, use the ‘Register Now’ button for registration.

How to create a new WWID for Distributors?

Contact the headquarter distributor or business admin

Why is my subscription expired?

When the subscription is purchased, it is valid for a certain amount of time. You can check the expiration date in the subscription detail, you can follow the screen here to check.

How do I re-subscribe my application access?

You can go to software registration site and renew the subscription.

How do I activate an inactive user?

Admin can use below Activate User button to reactivate the selected inactive user account. A pop up window will ask for confirmation from site admin. User will receive Email on account reactivation.


How do I provision a user?

To add a new user, admin need to follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Add New User button
  2. An Add New User form will be prompted in which admin need to fill new user’s information and add it to the company’s site.

Who should be given a WWID versus a Salesforce ID?

WWID – internal distributor/employee

ID – external distributor

Admin Management

Where can I go to create a WWID?

If you have a WWID and want to create a WWID for other users, you can raise a WWID creation request on the internal IAM site - WWIMS Next Gen page.

If you do not have a WWID, please contact your admin who already have a WWID to raise a request for you.


Can I remove user application access?

Yes, Admin can use the recycle bin icon in Role column (circled in red above) to edit user’s current access.


As a system user how would I communicate to users of different location?

You could look for user Email and send them an Email.  

How many number of users is allowed for provisioning per site?

This depends on the site subscription count.

As an Application Support/Business Admin, what can be modified in IAM?

View/manage IAM Accounts, view WWSPS accounts, and view/manage users.

As a distributor admin what accesses do I have and what I can modify ?

Distributor admin cannot access the site admin portal.

Site admin can manage the company information and manage user access to the company.

How can I edit a user information?

Admin can click on the little people icon in Action column to edit the user’s profile. 

How can I move a user from one location to another?

Location details is in user profile, admin can click on the little people icon in Action column to edit the user’s profile as shown in above screenshot.

How can I edit a role access for a particular user?

You can click on the report icon circled below to edit user role

How can I do a bulk user creation for a particular location?

Admin can upload multiple contacts at once by selecting the Upload Users button which will direct them on how to upload.

How can I update or add workgroup ID for a user?

This feature is only available in business admin portal

How many pending approvals do I have?

You can check the number of pending approvals by login to Site Admin Portal and go to Pending Approval Tab.

Where can I filter my accounts?

Admin can use the three dropdown menus – Region, Account Type, and List of Companies to search accounts/locations.

Where can I see the pending approvals?

Under Pending Approvals tab, admin can see all pending approvals for both site admins and users.

How do I give access to someone who wants to be a Business Admin?

Please raise a remedy ticket to IAM group.

How can I deactivate a user?

Admin can deactivate an active user. A pop up window will ask for confirmation from site admin. All the permissions associated with the selected account will be revoked.