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Channel Admins

Benefits For Channel Admins

  • Seamless integration between CMI externally facing applications
    • One ID, One password, easily traverse from app to app as an end-user
    • Users are driven to a centralized registration page with all applications integrated under a single hood
  • Improved security posture
    • Reduction in the number of shared IDs
    • Enforcement of unique login ids
    • Stronger passwords through managed policies
    • Enables future federation with the national accounts and major fleets to allow them to manage their own IDs
    • Separation of internal and external users
    • Ability to know the legitimate active user base at any given time
    • Overall governance on identities and their access rights
  • Improved system uptime
    • Migration away from our internal legacy LDAP & Siteminder and potential stability issues
    • Cloud adoption keeps us updated with industry standards and modern technology
  • E-mail campaign capability
    • By capturing unique e-mail addresses for our customers, we can issue targeted e-mail campaigns in the future

Channel Admin Functionalities: User Management

  • Edit User
  • Activate/ Deactivate User
  • Password Reset
  • Unlock user
  • Assign/ Remove Application Access to User
  • Assign Role of user for specific application
  • Assign/ Remove Work Group ID

Cummins Admin Functionalities: Account Management

  • Assign Application access for a non-subscribed application
  • View information of subscribed applications for all locations
  • Onboard a User
  • Deactivate/ remove access for non-subscribed applications
  • Move locations from one distributor to another distributor